June 2016

How Respite Care Benefits Seniors and Their Loved Ones

Both seniors and their caregivers can benefit from respite care. This type of service provides short-term care for seniors in a professional, assisted living community environment.


Caregiving can be fulfilling, but also highly demanding. Taking responsibility for a loved one’s needs requires significant time and effort, and this duty can be stressful for caregivers when they have no help. Respite care offers an excellent solution for caregivers who need some time to attend to their own health and wellbeing. Short-term breaks for caregivers can renew their energy, relieve their stress, and provide them with a chance to restore balance in their lives, while not compromising the health of their senior loved one. Seniors also benefit, as caregivers can resume their responsibilities with renewed energy and in a refreshed state after benefiting from respite care.


While moving to an unfamiliar location and meeting new caregivers may be somewhat stressful for seniors, caregivers can relax knowing that their loved one will be in capable hands, but seniors can benefit as well. A change of scenery and having the chance to meet new people can be socially stimulating and provide a welcome break from the monotony of their normal routine. Their family caregivers benefit by getting time to address their own social needs. Caregivers will have the chance to engage with friends or other family members that they see infrequently, or even meet new people.


Having time away from their caregiving responsibilities allows seniors’ families to regain some perspective that can otherwise be lost among their day-to-day routine. Caregivers may think of more practical strategies for taking care of their senior loved ones or discover a better way to utilize their resources. Both caregivers and seniors can benefit from having some space to themselves by gaining some outside perspective.

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